What Was It Like Taking A Hallucinogen?

Does anyone have this condition?
October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017

What Was It Like Taking A Hallucinogen?

Whether or not it was a superb journey or a nasty journey, we wish to know.

Hallucinogen is a broad term used to explain two classes of medicine: basic hallucinogens and dissociative medicine.

Hallucinogen is a broad term used to describe two categories of drugs: classic hallucinogens and dissociative drugs.

These classes embrace the medicine LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide, or acid), psilocybin (magic mushrooms or shrooms), peyote (mescaline), DMT, ayahuasca, ketamine (particular Okay), DXM, and salvia.

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They’re all TRIPPY AF.

They're all TRIPPY AF.

Like, no joke, they're fairly critical medicine — able to altering the consumer's perceptions of time and house, affecting their ideas and feelings, and generally even making them really feel disconnected from their very own physique.

Their results are often unpredictable, relying very a lot on the kind of drug, the quantity, and the person and their mind-set. Some are extra harmful and unpredictable, others much less so. A few of them have been used for centuries by indigenous individuals from North and South America for spiritual, religious, or cultural functions. Scientists are additionally learning some as potential remedies — tiny doses of LSD for melancholy, for instance. And also you would possibly even get one — ketamine — as anesthesia earlier than surgical procedure.

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Should you’ve taken one earlier than, we wish to hear about what your expertise was like.

If you've taken one before, we want to hear about what your experience was like.

AND FOR THE RECORD: We aren't asking in your anecdotes to encourage drug use or to glorify it — we simply suppose that educating individuals concerning the results of those medicine is vital. 🚨 In the end, leisure use of hallucinogens is illegitimate and at all times doubtlessly harmful. 🚨

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Perhaps you dropped some acid or took shrooms considering the expertise would assist you see some deep-seated points in a brand new approach.

Maybe you dropped some acid or took shrooms thinking the experience would help you see some deep-seated issues in a new way.

Perhaps it made you see these points in a distinct gentle, otherwise you had actually vivid hallucinations that you simply wish to speak about.

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Or perhaps you took ketamine and located your self in a world unknown.

Or maybe you took ketamine and found yourself in a world unknown.

And though you in some way discovered your approach out of the Okay-hole, it was a scary sufficient expertise that you simply'd by no means do it once more.

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Perhaps a hallucinogen made you are feeling such as you had checked out from actuality for ages.

Maybe a hallucinogen made you feel like you had checked out from reality for ages.

Solely to return again 5 minutes later STUNNED.

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Or perhaps you tried a drug and felt highly effective and all-knowing one second, then terribly anxious and fearful the subsequent.

Or maybe you tried a drug and felt powerful and all-knowing one second, then terribly anxious and worried the next.

And that whiplash was sufficient to scare the daylights out of you.

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Tell us which drug you took and the way a lot, and the way it affected you. The extra element the higher. We'd like to know what you felt, noticed, and heard, what ideas and feelings ran by your thoughts, and the aftermath — if something occurred in any respect.

You should use the dropbox or the shape under to inform us — though you need to use the shape for those who want to stay nameless (you can even view it here, if that's simpler).

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